Our Story

 Home Made Luxury Wax Melts and Home Fragrances to fill your home with aromas inspired by designer scents. Our specialty is providing high quality organic, hand poured wax melts to help homes smell fresh and clean.
We have fast become renowned for our quality home made products and our selection of designer inspired fragrances that are simply not available on the high street. Within 3 months, our combined exposure has reached over 3500 people. Today we continue to grow and become a community lead brand. We have also been featured by Channel 4’s Cleaning Guru Hayley Leitch & Niche Magazine.
My name is Abbie, let me take you back to where it all began in 2019, with my love for candles and wax melts. However, my frustrations grew fast with having 4 children in the house (and the dog), I was concerned with the amount of black soot that high street candles were producing and how much they actually cost. Enough was enough, my pockets were bare and my nose not satisfied! I decided to start making my own.
With research, I discovered that organic soy wax would solve my problems. I then went on to researching oils, I mean who wouldn’t want there home smelling like Debenhams perfume counter, or the launderette down the road? I made my very first batch in my kitchen. After giving them out to friends and family, it became apparent I had something. What seemed a hobby had become an obsession.
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